NYC in 6 hours

My first destination post – yay! So, recently I went on a 4 day trip to Philadelphia (PHL), it was my highest bid for April as we normally only get 3 day trips there and when I saw there were 4 day trips up for grabs (meaning we would get 48 hours there instead of 24) I knew I’d be able to fit New York in. And, I did it! Well really, we did it.. I took my lovely friend Lydia with me and we had the best time. We only had 6 hours in New York altogether but we certainly made the most of it!

We took the Greyhound bus from Philadelphia Bus Terminal to Port Authority in NYC. It was only $10 each way (although we paid $13 as we wanted priority boarding… we’re not snobs I promise…) and the buses had charging points on board as well as free WiFi. It was about 2 hours each way and was bookable online.

Port Authority is just a few blocks from Times Square, so it’s a great place to get started. I was beaming with excitement when we turned the corner and I was faced with all the colourful lights and billboards. I’d finally made it, the number one place on my bucket list!


We wondered along, taking photos every 5 seconds, to Grand Central station where we got the subway down to the West Village (it’s only $3 per single journey), to see the famous Friends apartment building. This is my fave TV show EVER and Lydia shares my obsession so this was something we HAD to see. It’s on the corner of Grove and Bedford Street, and the closest subway station is Christopher Street – Sheridan Square. This is a much more subdued area of New York and has some very pretty houses and steps to take photos in front of (if you’re Instagram obsessed like we are that is).


After taking even more photos, a few subway stops south of the Friends building is our next stop; the One World Trade Centre and 9/11 memorial. Being in New York, I felt it was a respectful thing to do, and seeing it really put what happened into perspective. The size and scale of the attack is unthinkable, and this was the one point during this happy day, that we both felt incredibly sad, shocked, and lost for words.

Never forget.


By this point, we were starving. We came across a cute little Armish food market a few blocks away from the memorial, that sold 2 huge slices of fresh stone baked pizza for $6! It was up there with the best pizzas I’d ever tasted! You have to try it if you’re ever in the area!


(Okay so I may have been so hungry that I scoffed a whole face-sized slice before I thought about taking a photo. Are you really surprised?)

After the best pizza ever, we hopped back on the subway towards another must-see in NYC; Central Park. Now I would be lying if I said we didn’t go into Sephora first… but we mainly strolled around, taking photos (like ya do) and admiring the scenery, becoming well aware that we were just a short time away from having to get our bus back to Philly *sob*. Despite there having been loads of shows and movies that were filmed in NYC and Central Park, for some reason my brain decided to focus on Elf (mainly because we walked past the rocky area where they had the snowball fight) and therefore I had ‘Baby Its Cold Outside’ stuck in my head for the next 3 days.


And there you have it, our New York trip in only 6 hours. We managed to squeeze in quite a lot considering how much there is to see and how huge the place is. I have left a piece of my heart there and I can’t wait to go back another day and see everything else I missed!

If you have any recommendations for my next trip or liked what you read, please let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading you lovely people!


(Big up the Snaphat filter that literally saves my face)


Charlotte xo




2 thoughts on “NYC in 6 hours

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    I was delighted to have the chance to go through your blog, reading of your experience in the Big Apple was a joy. Your pics are awesome. It was great to follow along with you on your journey from Philly to NYC. Your post is very informative for readers. Thanks for the great read!!!!!!

    I’m contacting to ask for permission to repost your review with our readers. It’s and authentic review that would enlighten them. Please check out our site. I would be glad to answer any questions.


    1. Hi Allen!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog post, I really did love NYC and will definitely be back one day.
      You are welcome to post my NYC blog, as long as you credit me and link to my website. Please can you also send me a link to the repost on your website when it is up?
      Thank you for taking an interest and for reading!


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